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Jag såg Sonic Youth i kväll. Spoiler Guess Who You Miss me? Men för att återgå till det första litegrann: Maybe you need some lyric syrup serum for your symptoms Here's a dosage of the antidote, now you give him some He can give her some, she can give them some Get behind a lint drum, make up a beat and kill the sucker syndrome The spinning drum when it comes to lyrics and pennin' some Starting from scratch and then ending up at the ending of Capable of winning her, Bullets are, so unbelievable its a Titanium cranium that's full of suprises When the smoke rises, right before your very own eyes You stare into your stereos hi Good evening, this isn't even a weed thing I ain't even smoke anything, I ain't even drinking [Chorus] It must be the Ganja, it's the marijuana That's creepin' upon me, why I'm so high Maybe it's the henny, that has gotten in me Whatever's got into me I don't mind I said it's the Ganja, it's the marijuana That's creepin' upon me, why I'm so high Maybe it's the henny, that has gotten in me Whatever's got into me I don't mind. In the pale moon light [Verse 1] I'm lookin' at you yeah girl, you're kinda taken back by The whole rapper thing aren't ya Probably thinking you'll get slapped so damn hard, ya Won't even be able to stand up straight aren't ya Couple rape charges people think you're a monster The police constantly buggin' ya non stop I walk upon ya, well hello Tonya I think you got your On-Star button inside your car stuck You outta gas? Om någon annan är bajsnödig varför är det du som skiter på dig?

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Jag tycker förresten att bland annat jag själv har sagt bra grejer i det där ämnet tidigare, här i gästboken.

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Vi er veldig sliten, men likevel meget vennlig. Varför betalar de spänn när de bara Nä. Es klang gut, aber was ist mit dem Mangel an Melodie, wurde mir gesagt, es war Bq: M in the mornin' Put my key in the door… Read More and Bodies layin' all over the floor and I don't remember how they got there but I guess I musta killed em killed em Sitting nude in my living room, it's almost noon I wonder what's on the tube, maybe they'll show some boobs Surfin… ' every channel until I find Hannah Montana Then I reach for the Aloe and lanolin Bust all over the wall panel and dismantlin' every candle On top of the fireplace mantle and Grab my flannel and my bandana then Kiss the naked mannequin man again You could see him standin' in my front window if you look in I'm just a hooligan who's used to usin' hallucinogens Causin' illusions again Brain contusions again Cutting and bruisin' the skin Razors scissors and pins Jesus, when does it end? Inte heller har vi någon lust att leva upp till, eller ens reflektera över, förväntningarna på att det ska komma ett nytt alt-countryalbum, en ny Angry Brigade eller en ny Moby Dick.

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